Serving Central Florida From Clermont, FL

About My Pool Repairs, LLC

We are Craig and Carie Redman. We have been in the pool business since 2003. In 2005 we took a big leap of faith and not only got married but started our own pool and lawn company. In 2009 we decided we wanted to focus on pool maintenance and repairs and we started on the path to becoming My Pool Repairs LLC. Craig is a fully licensed Certified Pool Contractor (CPC) which many people will fail to mention in the State of Florida. It is illegal to do pool repairs without a CPC License. We cover all of Central Florida and work to be there whenever we are needed. We do everything from coming to your home once a week and cleaning your pool so you don’t have to worry about it, to just coming out when you need us; whether it be a green pool, a major repair, or upgrade. Thinking about changing to a salt water pool but not sure how to maintain one once you have it? We can change your pool over to a salt water system and then work with you to make sure you are comfortable and knowledgeable with the pool.

We are here, so let us help you.


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